life is what you make it by Preeti shenoy

This book wss an eye oener for me about life. Life is a cerebration is what the book is aboutAnkita Sharma has lesser knowh Bipolar Disorder.This disorder has its patient in variours mood swings.

Ankita is bright and admitted into one of the best colleges in south India.But soon her life is  turned upside down when she is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The conflict faced by Ankita is between career and love.Due to this disorder she is admitted into a mental Hosptial.Here she learns about life in a different light.She comes to know that life is more than  the MBA she was doing.

 The writing style is simple and the book is light to read.Beginning of the book is slow but soon enough it is fast paced.The book has portayed the emotions of people who are mentally ill and society 's behaviour towards them.

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