The last lecture by Randy pausch

This book is about living not dying.Randy Pausch is a computer science professor who is diagnosed with terminal cancer.The last lecture is given by him at Carnegie Mellon. The lecture he gives is really an attempt to tell audiences how to overcome obstacles.

 As he moves on with his lecture he talks about his childhood dreams. like being in NASA or the fact he wanted to be like krik.Randy says you have to live for the moment and live in the moment.

In each chapter Randy talks about a new aspect of his life The tile of the book depicts what he will talk about in the chapter. The chaprr are short and fast to read.It is every parent dream to give advice to their kids and see them grow , In the end it is clear that the last lecutre is for his kids. 

He also talks about his wife Jai. Both are sad that he is going to die.All said and done you will want to read this book again and again.

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