The return of the ragpicker by O G Mandino

In his first book Mandino writes about Simon Potter who recuses drunks.The book is called the greatest mircale in the world.Here he reappears, bringing a new set of principlesl

This story is not about a ragpicker in the real sense.The ragpicker helps individuals who have fallen on bad times and find themselves on life's low. The ragpicker helps such people find their true self.

The author had  meet this ragpicker Simon Potter a few years back. But he had disappeared without saying where he was going. He comes back in the author's life one last time.Simun had helped the author when the author had lost hope.

What follows is a series of metings between the  author and Simon. They  talk about how to rescuehumans from loss in their lives.The story is set in Langvillie. Language is simple.But the question is why has the ragpicher come back. Is it to recuse the author from some terrible fate .

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