Have a little faith by Mitch album

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The story opens with a question.Will you do my euology ?the book is about two men. One is a rabbi , the other is an African American Pastor.Though both are  from different religions, they both talk about faith.

Mitch decides to do the eulogy of his chidhood rabbi called Albert Lewis. The rabbi sings while while telling mitch about his journary.Thus mitch ifs forced to confront his own childhood Jewish faith

The other man is henry . He is a former convict now a pastor.Mitch at first is not sure whether to trust a former convict. Later on mitch learns that he is wrong about henry. Henry runs a church that helps homeless people.Though Henry has less money he believes in god and runs a church.

The book is simple . Though the book talks about two different religion the reader is left to decide which religion to follow.

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