Ellevate working woman self help guide to career rise with balanced life by Sonali Sambhus

This is not just another self-help book for women . This book has actual experiences of woman around the globe who work and manage the home front. Also it shows how women can rise in their career and manage their home

The book starts by giving the 8 key success mantra for the woman to elevate themselves. This technique is called "ScoReplus".These techniques are not only easy to understand but also easy to apply in our daily lives.Futher these will help any woman to excellence in her chosen career. 

At the end of each chapter there are "Elevator self help exercises" .These exercises are given at the end of each chapter. These are questions that lead you to a path of career elevation.The chapters "break free of the social dilemma , "focus on the core" and build a support system are really what it comes down to when woman are working.

Sonali goes on to say that not all working woman are alone. They face the same issues.The book is eay to understand and examples are easy to follow. Since sonali is herself working ,she not only understands the problems faced by working woman but also has solutions. This book is for any working woman who wants an advancement in her career.

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