Deliver us from evil by David Baldacci

This book is about Evan Waller who as a deadly agent of death has killed thousands of people. He did this when he was a KGB gent called Fedir Kuchin.He Killed Death by Starvation.

Also Evan is willing to buy and sell anything.Waller has begun a new business in which millions of people could die.

The central charter is around Shaw who has to capture Evan Waller.and bring justice to the world.Another character is Reggie Campion. who is also seeking justice for a different reason.

Evan is a war criminal and Reggie wants justice for all the people he has killed. Waller is in Provence and both Shaw and Reggie come here.  But Reggie is also scared since she has heard about the practice than Evan has committed. Like he gives candy to children and then shots their parents. When their parents die the children go to them and Evan also kills them.

This chilling episode scares Reggie and she has nightmares.The book has a lot of turns and twist.The writing is simple. Each chapter is not more than 4 or 5 pages.

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