Concentration How to focus on the business at hand by Godfrey Harris and Kennith Harris

Concentration is life important skills. In this second edition of the book how to concentrate on work or daily life is given. There are target exercises for individuals that can be done on your own. These require motor skills and concentration.Then there are exercises for the group.But it is important that concentration is not the same as memorization.

If our concentration is good our memory can be good and we can recall vital information fast. There are trigger mechanism. Concentration improves with experience. The book has two sections. Section one has general exercises. Section two has exercise for each age.These exercises use colours and block patterns to remember things.

The book talks about tigger mechanism like Feel, Listen and watch. This helps to concentrate.This is known as flow time.This is a book for everyone who would like to learn to concentrate.

This book takes an enlightening and entertaining look at the importance of concentration to the successful conduct of every day life,