Monday, 8 November 2021

In her element : Sea salt , surrender, and a journey to a whloe life by Selina Delangra

At the centre of things is Sea salt. The novel is about sea salt business. Selina is the owner of Celtic sea salt. Natural is better than Table salt. Jacques her father in law had started this.

Everyone sees success but not the hardships behind the business. Selina gave birth to Dominic who had cerebral paralysis. At times he had 100 seizures per day. A whole chapter is on this. Selina had two more children. It is amazing to see how she manages the business with all three. 

She shares her spiritual journey. This book applies to the entrepreneur spirit. Some people are afraid of doing things thinking they would fail but Selina never thought that.

A lot of information is there about sea salt. Many people got their health improved by eating sea salt. The business got built through word of mouth.

  The one thing I learnt is that if you want to be happy forgive others. If you keep on having grudges against others it is you who will suffer.

I can relate to Selina since I am also a fighter. Having a positive attitude helps. One has to adapt to one's condition. 

When Carla was born to Selina she was worried that he would be like Dominic. But it turned out she was normal.

It was decided to move the company to North Carolina. There were business uncertainties but Selina handed them all well.

I like the book since a lot is given about sea salt. It is available on kindle unlimited.


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