Saturday, 9 October 2021

Great day to do the washing by Francesa Devalera


This is just one of the books that Francesca has written. The others being Good night sweet prince, The second step towards forgiveness and absolution among others.

Francesca De Valera has studied Literature, History, and Psychology at university. She has been writing poetry and short fiction for some years, and now is ready to have her short stories published. Francesca is inspired by how words on a page can bring an entire world, and the people that inhabit that world, to life. 

Giovanni isin bed counting his blessing. Having Luciana as his wife and two young daughters Gino and Steph. There is a family get together with the daughters and Dino (Luciana brother ). The day starts on a happy note.

There is a barbeque. But Luciana is drunk and knocks over Nat's glass. As Giovanni tries to clean it Nat laughs. Trouble in paradise  ? Giovanni accuses Nat of stealing . Again trouble in paradise. I wonder where all this will end.

As far as the writing is concerned it is simple. Although I don't understand the title of the book. I like the character, Giovanni. He is responsible and fun-loving. Luciana is a person who loves her brother.

The book is on kindle unlimited.  This is a family drama novel.I can relate to Luciana since I know of many people who are willing to defend their families.


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