Sunday, 3 October 2021

Animal Farm By George Orwell

George was called Eric Arthur Blair

After reading this book I felt like I was reading about Communism. Basically, the story is about animals taking over a farm run by humans. The animals are not fed well and have to do lots of work.

The book starts with Major a White Boar giving lecture to animals about how life is a misery for the animals.He further says that the misery is due to only humans. The reason n being that they use animal products and do not produce their own.

It is declared by the animals that whoever walks on two legs is their enemy. A poem called Beasts of England is sung every time there is a meeting. Soon enough there is a coup and the animals take over. Henceforth there are reading and writing classes. Everything is so organized. There were committees like the re-education committee.

Tactics were used to remove animals that came in the way of running the farm. The farm was not called Manor farm but an animal farm. The farm was declared a republic. Hence it was decided to have a president. But will the animals manage to run the farm on their own or will they end up fighting and destroying their freedom.

I like the details about how exactly the farm is organised.



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