Monday, 9 August 2021

5 Steps To Small Business Success by Jaynan Harper


Before starting a business it is important to plan it. Most businesses fail because there no research and learning. Learning is the key to success. 

You have to learn the principles of marketing. This book gives important pointers.

Business and customers are interlinked.So you have to find the right customers. You have to know your niche.   In case you are a writer like me the customers are readers. So when you look at readers they will be reading fiction and non-fiction. 

The next important thing is to build social media. Photos gain more attention.  Videos are more effective than text. Follow the influences in your niche. Engagement is the key to success. Have domain or website. Link your product or store to Facebook or Instagram. Hashtags are the key in Instagram or Facebook. Use them. Check out the popular ones on the internet. 

Nothing is more important than planning. Plan a marketing campaign. Have a budget. This the most important thing. If you don't do this you will spend more than what you plan for. Most businesses don't succeed cause they don't plan. when I released my book I had not planned anything. So it was difficult for me to know how exactly to sell my books.

Consistency is the key to success. Keep on showing your presence. Don't give up.

When you build your website look at another website.  People should like your website. You have to decorate your website like a shop. Then only people will come to your site. 

Do research about what people will want. Give them that information and people will come back for more. 

Most important where there is a will there is a way. Keep on trying.


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