Wednesday, 7 July 2021

How to make money on facebook : The power of free facebook by Joseph Nwakushabeni

  In case you want to make money using social media Facebook it is. This book teaches step by step how to make money on FB.

The first impression is important. Make your profile good. Many people don't put a picture but you should. Keep your personal and business account separate.

You will learn how to sell locally. In case you want to sell cars to join the local group. The Facebook marketplace is free and easy to use.there are services like Rakuten who offer cashback. Use a referral link to earn a cash bonus.

Create a Facebook page for business. This again is free. But you can boost your post by spending money. Also, you can target your audience the age and the country. The way I see it if you want to earn money on the business you have to spend money on the business.

Anyway with no knowledge about Facebook can use this book. I like it because this book is small but yet explains everything.


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