Monday, 21 June 2021

The greatest power of the 21st century by Donald Ehwerunu Mandela

 This a book about business mindset and how to handle it.

Entrepreneurship has been a source of livelihood for families.

The book is divided into two parts. The first is about entrepreneurship. The second is about CEOs mindset.

In business, we need communication skills. Customer are at the centre of things. The customer is king. Next comes products.

Chapter 3 talks about the skill of entrepreneurship. communication skills, leadership skills and way more things. 

One fact I found useful. Bill Gates takes breaks for days spending time thinking and gathering ideas by reading.

Chapter 4  talks about what is unique in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a person who is a doer and not action less person. You have to be unique . This will separate you from other people. First, learn and then earn . In this book, it is given what each letter of the word entrepreneurship stands for. This part is amazing.

Chapter 5 talks about the world of business. This chapter will tell you among other things how do I start a business when I don't have money. 

Chapter 6 The CEO mindset vs employee mindset. Being CEO is not a job but a responsibility .

This book is a storehouse of information. It is on kindle unlimited. 


Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Hanmon : A bridge between two world By Subrhmanya Bhat.

This is a Sci-fi book. As the book implies the story is about Hanmon. But wait Hanmon is a robot.

The starting shows Ashok and his daughter Ahalya. Ashok decades to tell Ahalya a story.

But she is indifferent. This is what the world had come down to.

The setting is Karnatak. The year is 2317. So how does the world look in 2317? Artificial Intelligent ruling the world.

Technology is part and parcel of human lives. There is an organisation called KIND. It develops smart obedient machines with a heart in the machines. They call it compassion Quotient ".

But some people do not believe in this. The robots have human names like Dharma and Vindhya. We see robots servicing tea and biscuits.

The wringing is simple

The whole matter is whether machines should replace humans. No matter what your views are Sci-fi fans will enjoy this book.