Sunday, 9 May 2021

How to win war against stress by Donald Mandela


Due to covid and lockdown in many people are stressed out. This book comes at the right time. To help stress Hindu have yoga. Many people use Zen. Zen is a philosophical way to deal with stress.

When you are under stress your body may shut down. Stomach related problems like acid reflux will be there. Stress can also cause hormonal changes.

There is also needle therapy. Music is one way to deal with stress. It is also an energizer. People can play musical instruments or even making up new melodies.

Eat natural product, not from the tin. Eat vegetables steamed since this will keep all the nutrients. Eat five small meals. All this will play a role in helping stress. Digestion is better in this way. Exercise will help a lot. Happy hormones are released.

Many people have a pet. It is therapeutic. Having a pet will make sure that you get a workout. In the book, you will learn to destress using simple facial exercise. Stress can make you look stressed out. Cynthia Rowland is a specialist in facial wellness.

More glucose is delivered by the liver which prompts type 2 diabetes when under stress. Many facts like these are given which people don't know about.

This book is written in a simple way. All the ways of dealing with stress are not complicated.


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