Thursday, 8 April 2021

The other side of fairy tales by Heena Joshi

Heena is a blogger writer and editor. The Talking Stories is her other novel.

This is a collection of short stories. In the first story, the room on the roof is about worrying about how you will succeed despite failure. The room on the roof the room is shown as a human being.That sounds unreal. In the next story, we hear about a school being opened for transgender. I feel that is a good idea since they too are human beings.

"You don't understand " is a phrase so common that could it be hereditary. You said it to your parents and your children say it to you. This is what the next story is about. 

A complete story of an incomplete story reminds me of my writer's block. 

I liked her writing. For example, she says "Teaspoonful excited with a tablespoon of nervousness.

Writing is simple though sometimes the story is difficult to understand.

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