Sunday, 18 April 2021

Day Turns Dark by Sunil Singh "Gora"

 This is the debut novel of Sunil Singh. His writing is simple and the story has many turns and twists.

This story is set in summer. The story surrounds teenagers Nitin, Ronak Arora and Ashish. 

Harleen is a girl that Nitin likes. She wants to become a doctor and hopes that Nitin does the same.

The story is set in Sri Ganganagar .At the start, we see Nitin in hospital straving himself. No one can make sure that he eats. Flash back to a few years we come to know why Nitin blames himself for his grandmother death.

Nitin is saved by Radhey. He is not only a role model role for Nitin but also a RSS district conveyor. Thus politics is involved. There is no ethics in politics. All the parities involved are trying to win elections. 

Ronay Arora also known as Ronny is Nitin's friend. 

Nitin has unknowing harmed a girl called Mansi. He tries to undo the harm but there is a twist in the story. 

I liked the twist in the story.


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