Monday, 1 March 2021

Pratical nutrition for general fitness by Mohamed Zolfakkar

 In today world due to our lifestyle fitness many times we are too fat or thin. Due to covid, most people are stuck at home. Most of us don't understand the nutrition plans and end up not getting fit. This book makes an attempt to do that.

Personal traines and nutrition experts prefer to made up plans and do not understand the concept behind them.They wi;l want you to continue paying them without telling you the basic stuff. I feel as far as our health is considered by learning a basic knowledge of the human body we can control our fitness levels.. Don't worry it is not a biology class. It goes on to say how the body converts food into calories.

There are case studies that I felt are helpful . Once the basic knowledge is understood you just have to apply it. There are terms like total daily energy expenditure which describes the total energy your bodies consumes which is equal to the energy needed for your bodily function (BMR). WOW. IT sounds confusing. I too was confused so I read it a few times more.

I found that most people would like the part teenagers and caloric deficit. These days people, in general, have an obsession with excessive leanness. This is not good. This chapter tells you how much caloric deficit a teenager should not be.

Overall I found this book helpful though confusing at times.  

Next week my book review will be on airs and graces by Erica James.

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