Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Normal People by Sally Rooney

 Sally Rooney is known for her novel Conservation with friends. She is the winner of Sunday times young writer award. 

This book is about two people Cornell and Marianne. The setting is a small town in Ireland. The author is also from Ireland. Cornell mother works as a cleaner in Marianne house. Both go to the same school.

Cornell goes to Marianne house to pick his mother. Both become lovers. But in public they do not show this. Cornell mother reminds him about the difference in the social standing between the two family. Cornell ignores it.

Meanwhile, there is a fundraiser in Debs house who stays close by. Marianne gets offended when even Cornell does not ask her as his date. She feels betrayed. 

Cornell is shy but well-liked in school. Marianne is a private person. Both study in trinity college, both start seeing someone.

The writing style is simple and easy to understand. It is in the third-person narration. 

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