Sunday, 21 February 2021

kidnapped by robert louis stevenson

This novel is a historical romance. The story starts with David Balfour . His father leaves him a letter after he dies, saying to go to see his uncle. When he tries to find uncle house everyone gives him a wired look. He reaches his uncle house and his uncle tricks him.

His uncle on the pretext of a business deal sells him into slavery. He travels on a boat which is shipwrecked and he makes friend with alan. Alan is a classic rogue, with some fighting skill, a gift of gab, and a gambling problem. Thus there is an adventure. There also is a political and historical background.

The writing is simple. But at times the writing is difficult because of the style of writing. It is written in lowland Scott  a Germanic language that evolved from English.

A central theme of the novel is the concept of justice.

Stevenson was living in England when writing this novel. He had a physical illness and felt homesick. Being from Scotland many of his characters are Scottish. We also see how David is developed into an adult.

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