Sunday, 24 January 2021

my simple chefhot and healthy air fryer by Amy moore

 Like most people, I thought to put a bit of oil in the fryer put cut potatoes and I will get a healthy meal. O Boy was I wrong. After reading this book I came to know more facts about air fryer and what can they do.

Why an air fryer? other than less oil one saves valuable time. Not only you fry things into it but you can make desserts. This book has unlocked a lot of secrets about the air fryer. But for a fryer you need to prepare in advance in case you want to marinate something.. 

Before getting to the actual recipes understand your fryer.It is not much difficult. Pro tips are given like don't overfill your machine. I found  this part useful 

Now to the good part: the recipes.

There are so many recipes that are given that it is difficult to mention them all . Appetizers like Mozzarella sticks, Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno Poppers . Some recipes don't take time to cook. I found the dessert part the best. Mini molten lava cakes sound good. Quick chocolate mug cake requires not too many ingredients and require less time to cook.

There are breakfast dishes, poultry dishes and side dishes.

Nutritional information like calories dietary fibre,carb and Protein are given.

Then there are the crispy kale chips. This recipe has olive oil which is healthy. 

Breakfast recipes are given. French toast sticks, Ham and egg toast cups, hash brown potatoes are a few breakfast recipes. Poultry dishes side dishes and restaurant inspired dishes are given.

There are photos given. If all this sound tempting don't read this article. Just buy a air feyer and try these receis from the book.There is a paper back and kindle.

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Monday, 18 January 2021

Rowing between the rooftop : The heroic fisherman of the Kerala floods By Rejimon Kuttappan


If you thought doctors working in hospitals during Covid are brave men, read about the fishermen of Kerela.

The year was August 2018. The worst floods hit Kerela and the fishermen risked their lives to save people of Kerela. This book is a tribute to those fishermen

The first is the case of Annama. She had 38-year-old physically challenged son, 71-year-old husband who was a diabetic and 96-year-old mother in law. Her house was not only full of water but due to the rains water still flooded their house. Her son,mother in law and husband were all washed away since they were too weak to hold on to something. Fishermen rescued her. But she did not want to leave the dead bodies behind.

Three dead bodies were removed that day. The water according to Annamma was chilling cold. There were a lot of furniture which was wiped away. Despite being hurt fisherman removed the bodies. The boats and the fisherman were from Alappuzha. Annamma still has no answer to a question: Why did these fishermen risk their lives?

Another story is about Saju. His father was unwell but as soon as he heard about the tragedy he decided to help in the rescue. About 18 boats were arranged. Men from costal areas always carried a plastic bag which had toothbrush soap and change of clothes. This they kept in case they were stranded during a flood,.  But Sanju had no such thing.

In many areas, the rescuers could not understand which is a road and which is a river. There were over six feet of running water. There was an aged man with an oxygen cylinder. They had to transport him also with the cylinder into the boat in a vertical position.  They managed it despite the boat shaking so much.

As you can see the stories show the courage of the fisherman. Writing is simple . This is a non-fiction book costing 299 rs.

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Friday, 15 January 2021

Digital Marketing by MD nayeem Shareef

 This book shows what is digital marketing and how to achieve it. Digital marketing goes beyond social media adverting

There are many types of digital marketing you have to know which one to use. Like Instagram is a hit with kids and so on. Also small business will build lasting relations due to digital marketing.
Learn more about your customer's needs so that you can make profits.
Digital marketing was confusing to me until I picked this book. The writing is simple and not confusing.

My next review is Rowing between the rooftops. This about more than just being brave.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

khana khazana by Sanjeev kapoor Also some unknown facts about sanjeev kapoor

 Sanjeev Kapoor was born in Ambala and he has a Diploma in hotel management. Before I get to the book there are lesser-known facts about Sanjeev.

 Indian cooking is best done over a slow flame. I would agree with that having done cooking.
He also plays the drums. Vikas Khanna also a chef has jamming sessions with him.

 Padma Sri award was conferred on him. Would you believe if I told you he almost took up architecture and planning? Good thing he did not.

The only time Sanjeev cooks is when there are guests. Then also he does not cook the same dish twice.

The book is available only in hardcover. At the outset, the measurements of the various ingredients are given.
 It is divided into six parts. The first is snacks starters and soups. The dahi shorba is just mouth-watering to read. Imagine how tasty they will be on your tongue.Then there is the Pistewala murg. This is in pistachio curry. If you are sea food foodie there are lobsters and crab recipes. The prawns used are shelled. So one has to look for shelled prawns.

The chicken recipes follow next. Some of the recipes have has cinnamon green cardamons and cloves. Mustard seeds and coriander powder is also put in it.

The 4th and 5th section is mutton and vegetable section. Next  comes the accompaniments section. In case you like pickle, they are in this section. The mango pickle has fenugreek in it. There is also the spicy mango pickle. This pickle will last for one year if kept well.

If you have a sweet tooth the last section has sweet recipes. Does strawberry phirni sound ?   Mysore Pak is an Indian delicacy . This recipe is given here.

For non-Indians the names of Hindi ingredients are given in English. The price is Rs 270.

Overall the recipes are easy to understand.

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Friday, 8 January 2021


 There are many such storage items in the amazon link to the right

Sunday, 3 January 2021


This is Bosh first novel. We all know the life of NBA players. But what about the lives of their loved 

The book starts with a drug bust by a S.W.A.T. It looked straight out of a movie. 

Bosh is wrongly accused. The theme of the book seems to be injustice done to Boch.Injustice to her by the legal system. Being jailed without an arrest warrant is a crime. Bosh tells this to the judge.

Bosh did a lot for her son Chris. Using her money to get Chris into the NBA. But Chris threw her out of the house. In a way, Bosh must have felt betrayed.

A lot of Bosh life in college, meeting husband. If you don't enjoy basketball you can skip some pages.

Old photos are given. Poerty is also given which is awesome.

My take on this is that the writing is simple. Story is about struggle of a mother. The emotions of the mother is written wonderfully.

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