Tuesday, 1 December 2020

The greatest short story of Leo Tolstoy by Leo Tolstoy.

 Leo Tolstoy has many note worthy books like war and peace. What I didn't know that he has written short stories as well. His story has humour with underlying political message in some of them.

This book is divided into seven parts. Part one has stories for children. He wrote them when he was trying to teach the peasant children.

Part two has stories that any person can read . The most famous one is what men live by. In this, an angel is sent by God to live among people I wonder why?

Part three has a fairy tale. Even adults enjoy those once in a while. But this is about militarism and commercialism.

Tolstoy for a long time had wanted to sell good works of pictorial and literary art. The fourth part is about this. Who doesn't like folk tales . These are Russian folk tales. In how much land does a man need? a peasant is seen as being greedy for land. This is part 5.

Part 6 have been adaptations from the French. But these have been modified . Tolstoy it seems was touched by the plight of the jews. There were massacres of the jews in keshineve and elsewhere in Russia. These form the 7th part.

If you like Tolstoy you will like these short stories.

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