Friday, 4 December 2020

Beneth a blanket of snow by Arlene Lomazoff Marron

 I would call this book as inspirational. When everything is against you what  do you do. ?

Imagine a life so comfortable and peaceful. But everything goes wrong just by a knock at the door.Meredith and Jonathan are happily married. They live lavisaly. Suddenly Jonathan is accused of embezzlement and tax fraud. 

He is convicted and goes to jail. Meredith does not know what to do. She is jobless. Her friends stop talking to her. Life is bleak. It is then that Meredith rises to the occasion. Her parents come to stay with her. 

Getting a job at the Museum Meredith starts to work. 

Her friends who stopped talking to her also have problems. Chuck and Jaclyn are their nebhhouers . Jayclyn has had a affair and is not sure whether. She is not sure if Chase their son is theres' and is suffering not knowing.

Kelly and Andrew their neighbours are also in trouble . Andrew goes to jail for arson. While Meredith stays at her house to face the tv camera , kely goes to live at her parents house to avoid the camera . 

Meredith is an inspiration to anyone whohas problems to face and how to handle them . I will reccomed this book to everyone with problems and how to handle them.

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