Sunday, 29 November 2020

Whom should i trust ? By Megan Doshi


Can love be a mystery? Reading this book seems like it. The book starts with Elena in a hospital. She had begun college a few months back. Seeing that the sitting is in goa you cant imagine that there will be any mystery.

Elena always has the feeling that someone is stalking her. She is excited about the first college day. Her friend Tyrna goes to the same college. Ryan her elder brother had proposed to Elena. 

Throughout the book, someone threatens her. Tells her bad things will happen to her family. Then one day her father has met with an accident. Elena does not what to do since he keeps sending her messages. To make matters worst there is a professor in the college who it seems hates her.

In colleges, she starts liking Kev . But the messages tells her not to see him. could it be Ryan who was already in love. Maybe. I feel it is a case of love gone wrong. Unknown to Elena the person sending her messages is linked to her parents.

I would recommend this book since the story is different. It has love as the theme but not your usual romance.

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