Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Ruskin Bond Collection By Ruskin Bond

This book like the title says has many collections of Ruskin Bond short stories. The room of many colours, All creature great and small are just some of them.

Bond still likes to write on paper. He says if you sit on the railway platform you will get to know many stories to write. Guess I will have to try that out being an author. In these stories, he talks about his own life but in story form. In the writing of Bond we see the simipicity of life . 

In one story he talks about a girl who was a princess. He used to go to visit her though people said she was mad. The setting of the book is in India. Since Bond's dad kept on moving so did bond. The nature is discussed at length in the stories.

Reading his stories we come to know many things that happened in British India. To reach Dehra Dun was by mail coach. Drums were beaten if one was travelling at night.

In another story how Bond's grandfather used to keep pets at home is given. Monkey called Toto was there. Bond's grandfather wanted to keep a python but Bond's grandmother said no. Stories about Toto were fun to read. 

The style of writing is simple yet giving the right amount of details. Adults too will enjoy this book.

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