Tuesday, 24 November 2020

5 days by Disha Sharma

The title says it all. The book is spread over 5 days. Aryan and Payal have had a love marriage. On a common day, it is about kids and money. Before marriage Aryaan was doing well in everything. 

At work in a marketing firm, things are not going well for Aryaan. He has not being promoted. Then one fine morning he started to hallucinations. Blood in the building is seen. But no one has been murdered.

Payal his wife always looks after family. Kanchi and Arjun are like any normal kids. There is marketing stuff that is shown like presentation. Aryaan also sees a girl. She might not be there actually.

There is an element of mystery spread over five days.

I liked the fact that the chapters are small. Writing is easy to understand. The setting is in Mumbai.
Pick this book up for drama and mystery. Also, I feel there are super natural forces at work.

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