Sunday, 29 November 2020

Whom should i trust ? By Megan Doshi


Can love be a mystery? Reading this book seems like it. The book starts with Elena in a hospital. She had begun college a few months back. Seeing that the sitting is in goa you cant imagine that there will be any mystery.

Elena always has the feeling that someone is stalking her. She is excited about the first college day. Her friend Tyrna goes to the same college. Ryan her elder brother had proposed to Elena. 

Throughout the book, someone threatens her. Tells her bad things will happen to her family. Then one day her father has met with an accident. Elena does not what to do since he keeps sending her messages. To make matters worst there is a professor in the college who it seems hates her.

In colleges, she starts liking Kev . But the messages tells her not to see him. could it be Ryan who was already in love. Maybe. I feel it is a case of love gone wrong. Unknown to Elena the person sending her messages is linked to her parents.

I would recommend this book since the story is different. It has love as the theme but not your usual romance.

Thursday, 26 November 2020


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

5 days by Disha Sharma

The title says it all. The book is spread over 5 days. Aryan and Payal have had a love marriage. On a common day, it is about kids and money. Before marriage Aryaan was doing well in everything. 

At work in a marketing firm, things are not going well for Aryaan. He has not being promoted. Then one fine morning he started to hallucinations. Blood in the building is seen. But no one has been murdered.

Payal his wife always looks after family. Kanchi and Arjun are like any normal kids. There is marketing stuff that is shown like presentation. Aryaan also sees a girl. She might not be there actually.

There is an element of mystery spread over five days.

I liked the fact that the chapters are small. Writing is easy to understand. The setting is in Mumbai.
Pick this book up for drama and mystery. Also, I feel there are super natural forces at work.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Sunday, 22 November 2020

One man's meat byJeffrey Archer

 I liked the storytelling of this book. The story starts in a simple way. The story is about two unknown people who meet unexpectedly in a place to watch plays . After meeting Anna, Micheal decides her out to dinner.

The author then gives the readers four stories that can then happen . All four stories are likeable. The. stories are told in a simple fashion

The first story continues in a romantic manner but ends in a tragic manner. The other three are totally different.

The book is just 58 pages. The title suggests a personal account. It was written during 1942 in the midst of world war 2.Archer began getting letters from soldiers that reading these stories they see positive values at home.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

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Monday, 16 November 2020

No more " lurking thoughts insights into self imporvement and growth. by AartiJain Sahai

This is a self-help book. When I picked this book up I thought it would be like any other self-help book. But it is not. Since this book is about 98 pages it means that the author sticks to the and does not repeat the same point again and again.

This book talks about how to improve oneself. Rather than looking at others, one has to look within to improve. No one idea works for anyone. Motivation, Health Positivity in life are some of the things mentioned in the book.

In case we want self-improvement should not think about it. Start doing it. Once you get started you will know what else you can do. Don't be scared if in the beginning, you see no changes. Improvement comes with time. There is no short cut to success.

The first thing to do is to accept your pitfalls. Many people are not able to do this. Don't set any new goals. Try to improve your existing habits. You will have hidden talents, look for those.  

Don't demoralize yourself and seek medical help. You yourself can help yourself. So go ahead and read this book and see positive changes.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Ruskin Bond Collection By Ruskin Bond

This book like the title says has many collections of Ruskin Bond short stories. The room of many colours, All creature great and small are just some of them.

Bond still likes to write on paper. He says if you sit on the railway platform you will get to know many stories to write. Guess I will have to try that out being an author. In these stories, he talks about his own life but in story form. In the writing of Bond we see the simipicity of life . 

In one story he talks about a girl who was a princess. He used to go to visit her though people said she was mad. The setting of the book is in India. Since Bond's dad kept on moving so did bond. The nature is discussed at length in the stories.

Reading his stories we come to know many things that happened in British India. To reach Dehra Dun was by mail coach. Drums were beaten if one was travelling at night.

In another story how Bond's grandfather used to keep pets at home is given. Monkey called Toto was there. Bond's grandfather wanted to keep a python but Bond's grandmother said no. Stories about Toto were fun to read. 

The style of writing is simple yet giving the right amount of details. Adults too will enjoy this book.

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree by Tobias Mile

Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree by Tobias Mile

"Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree is a book for all about Adoption. In this first story of the series, Jayden will try to tell everyone what Adoption is and how beautiful the change in a child’s life can be, thanks to this form of authentic Love. Inside, you will find fun, touching moments, and a deep sense of humanity that makes the book a tool for parents and teachers to encourage children to value diversity. Often, children only see families that look like theirs. As a window into the life of a nontraditional family, Jayden’s story can be a first step to instill in children a sense of inclusivity and respect for others. In the summer of 2018, during a business trip to Venice, Italy, Tobias Mile was looking for a new idea for his next book. Destiny - as he told us - introduced him to this uncommon Italian family. Upon learning their incredible story, he was inspired to create something special featuring their adorable adopted son, Jayden. After this trip, Tobias approached our publishing company with the idea of a series of funny stories about adoption, human rights, solidarity, and respect for diversity, told by this smart child in unusual language. We immediately knew this was a story that needed to be shared to raise awareness about adoption and reach countries where same-sex couples who wish to adopt are discouraged or even denied." Attached to this email you can find the book cover. The Book is available in English, Spanish and Italian.This book s on True Colours icon on the bottom right.

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Hidden in Plain Sight (William Warwick ) by jeffery Archer

This book is in the second series of William Warwick series. William along with being made a deputy sergeant is transferred to the drug squad. The book is about drugs problems. 

In the beginning, we see William interviewing Adrian heath with whom he has gone to school. William tries to confess Adrian to tell him who his bosses are.

There is a lot of stuff about what it takes to join the force . Like the exercises and the exams. I felt that could have been avoided.

Meanwhile, William is to marry Beth.  Prepares are on with the usual excitement. Personal life is also described between the two.

In order to catch a criminal William plans a trap that no one can thinks about. Hence the novel name Hidden in plain sight.

William father was a lawyer but William did not choose this. 

The book is fast fasted and like all his books excellent. Style is simple while making the book exciting.