Tuesday, 27 October 2020

William Shakespeare : A biography by A L Rowse

Everyone knows the normal details about Shakespeare. The birthplace and his writings. This book goes beyond that. The book is divided into around 18 parts.

Shakespeare was born in the Elizabethan era. His novels decepit this. The countryside in As You  Like it. is anexample.

The second chapter describes how one of his siblings died. His father's prominace in the little town is seen. Shakespere mother brought enough drowey in form of money and land. His father became a bailif.The grammar school was attended at Stratford. In lower school, Shakespeare with classical drama is seen.

Next chapter is Youth and marriage. Marriage with Anna Hathaway was at 18 years. Tennis, football fencing and wresting are the sports that were liked by Shakespeare. His speech and writing are reflected in his Warakshire style.

Next Shakespeare went to London . Here he read a lot and self-educated himself. 

Potery was being developed in London and this is seen in the writings of Shakespeare. 

The last chapters talk about early comedies and the story of the sonnets.

There are illustrations in the book.The church in Stratford. is shown. 

Anyone looking for information on Shakespeare should pick this book. It has about 500 pages.

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