Wednesday, 21 October 2020

THE REVENGE By Shirley Conray


In case you have watched theatre have you wondered what goes on behind the actor's life? This book is not only about London theatre but about revenge. It is about the feud between two acting families.

Mimi Quinn's life is altered when she runs away from home. She joins the Jolly joe troupe. she is thrilled by the music hall. Besty Bridge her friend, due to her beauty stands out and is successful. But one night Mimmi door in the music hall is locked. There is a fire. When people come to save them, Betsy says there is no one inside and mini burns. 

She is saved but not without enmity towards Betsy. Revenge is on Mimi mind. Image your best friend doing that.

Mimi marries  Toby whose father owns a music hall. She acts in the plays there like Cinderella. Betsy comes along there to get a role. Mimi still remembers the fire and makes sure Betsy does not get the role. Betsy then goes to New York to try her luck. But will she succeed there?

Betsy wonders that Mimi has a husband and a child so why would she do that?

The book shows the fascinating life of mini versus Liverpool slums. This is a colourful story set in the music hall. This is also a historical drama set in the first half of this century.

I would recommend this book for its simple nd lovely writing.

One can see that he author has done research when writing this book. 

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