Monday, 28 September 2020

The stand by Stephen King

This novel shows us good over evil. The flu has escaped from a lab It can kill any type of antibody that comes in his way. 99 per cent of the population is killed. There are dead rotting bodies everywhere.

  the character of Randall Flagg is introduced in this book. He is a villain in later works of King. The story tells us of a post an apocalyptic world. The survivors have to look for each other so as to survival. One group is behind n elderly female. The other one behind totalitarian leader named Randall Flagg.

At the beginning we see a family escape a government facility. This facility has been infected with a ready virus. The elderly female believes she is sent by God to assemble people and to help them face the dark side which is Randall Flagg.

The book is about good vs evil. The setting of the book is the USA. Some parts of the book are slow. I liked the fact that no two characters are the same. The people seem to unite through dreams. 

This book is being made into a movie. 

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