Sunday, 19 July 2020

Seeking Glory by Patricia Hamilton Shook

Glory here doesn't mean honour won by notable achievements. So one might be mistaken into thinking that the book is about to say some sport person seeking some achievement.

In short, the book is about a grandmother who discovers she has a granddaughter. Kate being the grandmother comes to know that her daughter Allison is about to die leaving behind a  daughter.

Allison had left home a long time back. Relations are estranged between mother and daughter. How did Allison end up in San Francisco and what was she doing there ? These questions hunt Kate. This sets things in motion.

Kate wants to leave no stone unturned to find the answers to these questions. Meanwhile, Both kate and Glory develop a relationship with each other.Glory is scared but Kate does not know what scares her. 

The author has given a good description of everything. Reading the first few pages you want to know about the story. There is mystery in this novel.

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