Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Chronicle of a death fore told by Garcia Marquez

This story is about Santiago Nasar. He lives in an unnamed American town.

Nasar is killed and it seems that everyone in town knew about it . Then why is that no one prevented him from being killed? The door where Nasar lived, by which Nasar could escape was kept closed. So was there a conspiracy ?

 The gruesome killing is shown. The Vicario brothers had killed Nasar. It seemed he had dishonoured their sister. So is this an honour killing? This being the case the morals of such a society can be seen.

While talking about the murder the author distance himself from the daily lives of the characters. Also, the value of purity is told when Garcia talks about the wedding night of  Angelo Vicario.

The author tries to bring in the bible. He says and I quote “My sister felt the angel pass by. She thought once more about the good fortune…”. More things relating to the bible are mentioned.

I had mixed feelings about the book.

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