Monday, 27 July 2020

Charlotte web by E B White

This book is a cute book. Further, it is about hope.  Stuart Little is another book by the same author.

Wilbur is a piglet who is raised on a farm. He is about to be slaughtered.  The farm owner daughter Fern is shocked to hear this. Hence Wilbur is sent away to live at uncle house farm Mr Zuckerman. 

Since pigs love mud all the other animals hate Wilbur. All except a spider called Charlotte.  An intimate relationship is developed between the two. 

Soon the geese come and say that they have heard that Wilbur is about to be Slaughtered. Wilbur is sacred. But Charlotte tells him that she will save her. So charlotte decides to save him. But will it work?

There is humour in this book. At the farm, Wilbur decides to escape. As he is running, he goes between the legs of farm help. Children will like to read the book. Also, other humour incidents are there.

Overall kids will enjoy this book.

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