Friday, 26 June 2020

The Forty rules Of Love By Elif Shafak

This book is about Rumi. He was a poet who spoke about love. The story is on two fronts.

On one end is Ella who works for a  literary agency. She is unhappy in her married life. There is an emptiness in her life. Her agent gives her "Sweet Blasphemy" a novel to review. This is the second story in the novel which is about Rumi. 

The novel is written by Aziz. Ella starts to write emails to him and starts liking him. The story about Rumi is set in the 13th century and talks about relationships of Shams of Tabriz and Rumi. Shams of Tabiz is a Sufi who has a vision that he is about to die. He decides to find someone to whom he could give his knowledge.

Tabriz travels to Koyna and meets Rumi. Since Rumi spends so much time with Tabriz everyone starts hating him. The story keeps on shifting from Ella to Rumi and back to Ella. A lot of quotes are mentioned in the book.

The book is written in a manner that anyone can understand. Also after reading the book you might be transformed. The book is philosophical but easy to understand. The book is set between two different culture. It’s a book that encourages you to transform your life and fill it with love."[19]

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