Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The silent Patient By A . J. Finn

This book is a psychological thriller . The story is about Alicia Berenson who has killed her husband. While in a  psychiatric facility she is silent and does not say a word. Along comes Theo Faber who wants to help Alicia and discover why she has killed Gabriel her husband. Alicia was happy with Gabriel then why did she shot him ?

Theo believes that sometimes what we do in the present is because of the past. Alicia is admitted to The Grove, a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane. It is here that Theo helps her as his new therapist.

Then there is Alicia diary that she gives Theo. But why does Theo feels the need to help Alicia when there are so much many patients in the groove. Also, Alicia likes to paint. Theo feels this will help her in her therapy.

But mind you the story has a twist . You won't be able to imagine what it is. The book further tells us that Theo used to see a therapist. 

This book is a New York times bestseller.

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