Wednesday, 13 May 2020

chowringhee By Sankar

When you go to a hotel everything looks normal to you. A person standing behind the reception. But have you ever wondered about the lives of people who work there? This book is about these people.

The name of the hotel is the Shahjahan Hotel and it is in Calcutta. The book does not have a main plot. Stories about all the characters in the hotel are told.All the characters in the book are colourful.

Sankar the main character gets the job in the hotel in place of Rosie who it seems has left the job. Marco Polo is the manager of the hotel. Connie is a carabet dancer who has come for a few weeks. Then there is a musician from Goa. With so many characters the book is interesting.

Sanker peels layer by layer of the hotel. The dreams of the characters are seen.

This book is in English and has been translated into regional languages.The book is light reading and simple. Shankar's real name is Mani Shankar Mukherjee. Sankar is a very popular writer in the Bengali language.

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