Thursday, 28 May 2020

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This book is set in Nigeria. It is about a family that follows strict Christian values.  Kambili is a girl who is fifteen in such a household. We see her brother gets up from the dining table saying " Thank You, Lord, Thank you, papa, Thank you, Mama. In the middle of this, there is a coup in Nigeria.

The children are scared of their father. He beats them at a slight provocation  After the coup in Nigeria they go to their Aunty Ifeoma house. And that changes everything in the lives of these children. Laughter surrounds aunty house.

There is a lot of freedom at their aunty house. They can talk without being stopped.

After coming back from their Aunty house Jaja (Kambili brother) tries to revolt against their father.

Kambili is an adolescent and have started having feelings for the opposite sex. There is a father where there aunty lives. Kambili falls in love with him.

The writing style is simple. You can pick this novel and you will like it.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The silent Patient By A . J. Finn

This book is a psychological thriller . The story is about Alicia Berenson who has killed her husband. While in a  psychiatric facility she is silent and does not say a word. Along comes Theo Faber who wants to help Alicia and discover why she has killed Gabriel her husband. Alicia was happy with Gabriel then why did she shot him ?

Theo believes that sometimes what we do in the present is because of the past. Alicia is admitted to The Grove, a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane. It is here that Theo helps her as his new therapist.

Then there is Alicia diary that she gives Theo. But why does Theo feels the need to help Alicia when there are so much many patients in the groove. Also, Alicia likes to paint. Theo feels this will help her in her therapy.

But mind you the story has a twist . You won't be able to imagine what it is. The book further tells us that Theo used to see a therapist. 

This book is a New York times bestseller.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

chowringhee By Sankar

When you go to a hotel everything looks normal to you. A person standing behind the reception. But have you ever wondered about the lives of people who work there? This book is about these people.

The name of the hotel is the Shahjahan Hotel and it is in Calcutta. The book does not have a main plot. Stories about all the characters in the hotel are told.All the characters in the book are colourful.

Sankar the main character gets the job in the hotel in place of Rosie who it seems has left the job. Marco Polo is the manager of the hotel. Connie is a carabet dancer who has come for a few weeks. Then there is a musician from Goa. With so many characters the book is interesting.

Sanker peels layer by layer of the hotel. The dreams of the characters are seen.

This book is in English and has been translated into regional languages.The book is light reading and simple. Shankar's real name is Mani Shankar Mukherjee. Sankar is a very popular writer in the Bengali language.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

midnight sun by Umme Kulsum

This book has nine tales in all.

In  Ignorance is Bliss the ending is something you cant imagine. A person goes to a new place. From the floor above him there are noises . He gets irritated by the noises. What could those noises be? They are not supernatural.

In another story, murders take place every now and then. What could be happening? In Cinderella's Promise, Cinderella makes the deal with the price.

In most stories, the ending are twisted. Her writing style is simple though stories are complex. The stories also have an element of horror, love, fantasy, fairy tale retelling, twist of fate, and a tiny essence of romance.

Read the book with an open mind.