Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Trust Me by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Imagine writing a book about some mother who has killed her daughter only to discover all is not what it seems. Mercer is a writer who is prompted by her friend to write a novel on this mother Ashlyn.

But Mercer has a past of her own. Her husband Dex and daughter had died during a car accident.Ashlyn is accused of the murder of her daughter Tasha Nicole. Both the mother are in pain of losing their loved ones . 

Whatever mercer dose after their deaths she does what Dex would have wanted her to do.Mercer hates Ashlyn for the crime she belives that she has done. But all that is about to change

This book is an intense book. It starts slowly but later picks up. The way story develops is amazing. The end could not be foreseen. This book is psychological suspense. Twists and turns are the marks of the book.

Ryan builds up the tension and you will not want to put down the book.

I would recommend you to read this book.

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