Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Man From ST. Petersburg By Ken Follett

This is one of  Follet Thriller novel. Set during pre World War1it has political as well as romantic implications. Lord Walden is a diplomat. Walden is to negotiate war with the Russian Prince Orlov. But Feliks is being sent by anacharist to kill him.

The story does not end there. Walden has a daughter Charlotte and wife Lydia. Feliks is Lydia old lover. They live in posh society having parities every now and then.  Charlotte has not seen life up close. She is not aware of how the other side of people live.

Follet mixes fiction with reality in the book. He finds humanity in his writing. The plot is fast moving as Feliks tries to plan how to kill Orlov.

I enjoyed reading the last bit when Felix is discovered and tries to escape. I just could not put the book down

The writing style is simple yet the sorry is complex.

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