Monday, 16 March 2020

Crush by Joye Emmens

This story is more than just winemaking. Olivia is passionate about winemaking. Her grandparents have a wine yard called Clos de Harmorie. She goes to France to finish her master degree in winemaking. Thus begins a story of two vineyards and love .

You will learn something called Biodynamics and how it is used in winemaking. The whole book talks about life in a wine yard. Reading about the various wine and wine tasting room you might want to actually take out a wine bottle and drink it.

I liked that Olivia was living her dream of managing a vineyard despite being in love with luke whose family has a vineyard in France. The description about the farm makes me want to go and live on such a farm.

I also learnt to believe in oneself. Olivia mom didn't like the fact that Olivia was in wine marking and did everything to persuade her not to do the winemaking . But Olivia was not the one to let someone tell her what to do. Confidence is the key to achieve anything in life.

But there is a secret that Olivia neighbour has that will threaten the very existence of the vineyard. What could that secret be when things were going so well for Olivia ?

I enjoyed this book because of the character of Olivia. She is passionate about what she does and does not let anything get in the way.

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