Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Kiss Of Salt By Smita Bhattacharya

Think the sea, people and wine. What do you get? That is right Goa .This story is about heliconia lane in Goa. This lane is heaven and beautiful. But there are secrets here she learns. There are three couples living here. The couples are living a peaceful life but Paritosh wife disappears.  It is not sure whether she is kidnapped or killed.

When Darya comes here she thinks that she will just come and clear her dead uncle house. But  she discovers ghosts from the past. Further, she sees somebody in the window of her uncle house. As the book progress, many people die.

There are 2 or 3 murders in the lane. One cannot help but wonder if Darya is the next person on the list of the killer.

This book is gripping, intense and a thriller. The description of the lane is falabolus. The story develops at a leisurely pace. The characters have been depicted so well. You will love the adventure in this book.

One might wonder why this book is called kiss of salt. I feel because it is set in goa and is romantic .Do pick up this book if you love murder mystery. 

Monday, 16 March 2020

Crush by Joye Emmens

This story is more than just winemaking. Olivia is passionate about winemaking. Her grandparents have a wine yard called Clos de Harmorie. She goes to France to finish her master degree in winemaking. Thus begins a story of two vineyards and love .

You will learn something called Biodynamics and how it is used in winemaking. The whole book talks about life in a wine yard. Reading about the various wine and wine tasting room you might want to actually take out a wine bottle and drink it.

I liked that Olivia was living her dream of managing a vineyard despite being in love with luke whose family has a vineyard in France. The description about the farm makes me want to go and live on such a farm.

I also learnt to believe in oneself. Olivia mom didn't like the fact that Olivia was in wine marking and did everything to persuade her not to do the winemaking . But Olivia was not the one to let someone tell her what to do. Confidence is the key to achieve anything in life.

But there is a secret that Olivia neighbour has that will threaten the very existence of the vineyard. What could that secret be when things were going so well for Olivia ?

I enjoyed this book because of the character of Olivia. She is passionate about what she does and does not let anything get in the way.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Living a Lie by Rachel San

WhenI started reading this book I thought it would like your normal girl meets boy story. As I continued to read I came to know that this was not the case.

This book is about Nichole who is divorced and has a son. She meets Razi who charms her and seems like a decent person. But that is where she is wrong . He deceives her and Nichole is in for a surprise.

There is an element of mystery in the book. I would say that this is an emotional book.  Further this book has drama. The writing style is impressive.

The book is intense in nature. This book is about revenge towards the end. I felt that the book has an excellent plot. A lot of thinking has gone in it. 

The story is based in Tel-Aviv. The characters are so well defined that you will love or hate a character  . For example, One Character is described as a creative genius.

If you would like to read something different this book is for you.