Tuesday, 25 February 2020


This story has a plot within a plot. It seems there are evil forces at work during the few pages of the book. A School teacher Nitin locks its students and kills them. The reason is not clear. Six students are found dead. Only one seems missings.

This book looks like a mystery novel at first with so many events. Two journalists find themselves in the centre of these events. Refusing to believe things at face value they decide to investigate.

Uday favourite author being Robert Ludlum he tries to have well-developed characters like Prakash. He has been a lot of suffering while covering an assigent in Banka. He has nightmares. Yet he rises to the occasion of his work. Being a journalist who tries to find the truth. 

Then there seems to be a terrorists angle. Nitin the teacher is killed by maujahid- e-bashariat a terrorist organisation who claims to have him killed.

With so many plots the reader has to take in a lot of information. But in the end, the reader will connect all the dots and will get the full picture. Don't be discouraged by this as the writing is simple. One can find a hint of Robert Ludlum writing. Individuals working against some powerful forces.

The book has short chapters. Just one more plus point about the book. The book seems to be well researched with information about drugs.

If you like crime-thriller I would recommend pick this book.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Cry The Belevoed Country By Alan Paton

This book is about apartheid in South Africa. It is a simple story about Stephen Kamala who is a pastor His son goes to Johannesburg. Letters stop coming from him. Upon reaching Johannesburg he finds his son Absalom in Jail.

Absalom has been arrested for the murder of a white activist and is to be executed. I found the language strange at times Like one brother address another in this manner "my own brother, son of our mother.

Langue is simple. The use of Zulu words sometimes makes the sentences complex. But despite the words, the story can be understood. Also, a lot of description is given about the lifestyle of the people. The Saanty towns are described in all its simplicity.

The influence of the bible is seen in the names. Like James and Stephen are Christian names Crime is shown as being common.  One sees how much one's faith can do. If you want to understand the life of Nelson Mandela this book is a must-read.

The book starts in rural South Africa and ends in Johannesburg. The contrast of both scenery plus culture can be seen. Human emotions are well seen . The conversation between the Pastor and his son can be seen while in prison.

 Brutally of apartheid can be seen in the book.  Africans in a bus they are charged more. So they boycott the buses. Despite all the brutality, there is hope in people's mind.

This was Paton's first novel. Cause of this Aparied was known for what it is. I am glad I read the book since I came to know about apartheid in all its form.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Jonathan Livingston Seagull By Richard Bach

This story might sound like the story of your life. In case you feel like an outcast at work or home this book is for you.

Ever wondered if reading about a seagull will tell you about life? Well, this book does exactly that. The Story starts with a seagull called Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Being an outcast he decides to his challenge his flock and become one of them.

Jonathan would fly a few meters and then fall in the water. Everyone else would consider him an outcast. The flock turned their back on Jonathan. He lived alone and learned to fly. This story is his journey to success.

This book will teach us to live life to the fullest. Most of the times we don't realize our own inner strength. Each human being has the potential to go beyond their limitations.

It seems the message is bold. It reminds me of star trek. Go boldly where no man has ever been. You will face obstacles but rise above them. In case you fail once don't be dishearted. Try and try again and again.

Later on, in the book Jonathan teaches other young seagulls to fly. One such person was Martin William seagull. Another is Charles Roland Gull. This fellow went as high as twenty-four thousand feet. And he was determined to go still higher.

The above message would sum it up. I liked the book for its message.