Wednesday, 18 December 2019

There is gun powder in the air by Manoranjan Byapari TRANSLATOR: Arunava Sinha

The original book is in Bengali.

 Manoranjan Byapari, who considered himself a Naxal, was arrested and put in Alipore jail.  He met Mahasweta Devi after coming out of the prison and she inspired him to write. Reading and writing was a skill that he learnt in prison. Having heard about stories from the inmates, he decided to write about one such story. One such story is about a jailbreak.

It was an era of the Naxalite movement. Tense ran high among the police as well as people who were involved in this movement.

This story is set in a prison. It is about 5 prisoners who are involved in the Naxalite movement. Bireshwar Mukherjee is a jailer who is sacred because there are five people of the Naxalite movement in jail.

The individuals of the movement are not scared to kill or be killed. At the onset of the novel, the jail is described. By the look of the detail, it seems that no one can attempt a jailbreak. The success of the jailbreak depends on the fact that not many people are told about the jailbreak.

This story is not only about a jailbreak. It is about the aspirations of the Naxals. I think that was the whole idea. I enjoyed reading this book since it was simple and easy to understand.

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