Sunday, 29 December 2019

A christmas carol by Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens was an English writer. Born on 7th February 1812, his writings are considered as a social critic. He worked in a factory after his father was thrown in a debtors prison. His novel A Christmas carol is by far the most popular.

His other novels are olive twist, David Copperfield and Bleak house. Many of his novels were written in weekly or monthly instalments.

The setting of this novel is London. The era is victorian. This book is about Ebenezer Scrooge. Money is the only thing that matters to Scrooge in life. He is visited by ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet to come. After this, his whole outlook towards life is changed. He sees where he went wrong and tries to correct himself.

His characters are by far the most memorable in storytelling. You will see hope in the character of  Tiny Tim. In this novel, Dickens uses ghosts to give a message of the spirit of Christmas to Scrooge. This method I feel is good to give the message of Christmas. He is critiquing the upper class in London since people are starving outside their house but the people inside the house are not doing anything about it. 

I felt this was a story of hope for all people who are like Scrooge

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

There is gun powder in the air by Manoranjan Byapari TRANSLATOR: Arunava Sinha

The original book is in Bengali.

 Manoranjan Byapari, who considered himself a Naxal, was arrested and put in Alipore jail.  He met Mahasweta Devi after coming out of the prison and she inspired him to write. Reading and writing was a skill that he learnt in prison. Having heard about stories from the inmates, he decided to write about one such story. One such story is about a jailbreak.

It was an era of the Naxalite movement. Tense ran high among the police as well as people who were involved in this movement.

This story is set in a prison. It is about 5 prisoners who are involved in the Naxalite movement. Bireshwar Mukherjee is a jailer who is sacred because there are five people of the Naxalite movement in jail.

The individuals of the movement are not scared to kill or be killed. At the onset of the novel, the jail is described. By the look of the detail, it seems that no one can attempt a jailbreak. The success of the jailbreak depends on the fact that not many people are told about the jailbreak.

This story is not only about a jailbreak. It is about the aspirations of the Naxals. I think that was the whole idea. I enjoyed reading this book since it was simple and easy to understand.

Monday, 9 December 2019

If Tomorrow Comes By Sidney Sheldon

This book is a tale of revenge and betrayal. It is a tale about a woman who turns into a thief after having done a prison sentence for a crime she had not committed.  Everything was going well for Tracy Whitney. She was to marry Charles Stanhope III.

A phone call that she gets changes her life. Her mother is dead. From then on Tracy falls into a web of unfortunate events which leads her into prison for a crime she had not committed. Tracy is pregnant and loses her child in prison.

Charles also betrayal her. Living in prison is like living in hell. She plans her escape. Once out of jail she tries to find a job. But due to one or the other reason she losses all her jobs. Revenge was the thing foremost on the mind of Tracy, when in prison. She now plans her revenge.

She takes revenge on the people who had betrayed her. Jeff Stevens is a person whom Tracy meets. Both plan crimes that are successful. But soon the police are on to her. Will the police catch her or not? 

This story will touch your hearts. Written in a simple manner you will feel sorry for Tracy.
My next book review is going to be The forty rules of loves by Elif Shafak.