Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

The book opens with Liesel,'s brother dead. Her parents were taken away to concentration camps. Welcome to Nazi Germany. Some of you might feel sad reading this but do read on. This a story of hope and determination.This a story about a nine-year-old -a book thief.

After Liesel parents are taken away she gets adoted by Hans Hubermann and Rosa Hubermann . Hans smoked a lot and Rosa called her a pig when she didn't do anything right. But Rosa did love Liesel .Every night Liesel would have nightmares about her brother. She would see his face.

 She picks up  a book the gravedigger handbook which she finds lying in snow. This is her first theft. Her father encourages her to read. Both of them read in the basement. In school, she made friends with Rudy Steiner in school. Both love playing football. When finally she starts getting used to her life an event happens that chang Her parents decide to give refuge to a jew.

Max the jew stays in the basement . He falls sick and nearly dies. Liesel get attached to Max. Meanwhile Books are burnt in Nazi Germany. Liesel still has nightmares about her parents and brothers.

Liesel steals books where ever she finds them. Her mother does laundry for some people.When Liesel goes to deilvery the laundry she finds a library of books there. She steals them.

I  liked the plot and writing style.

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