Monday, 18 November 2019

And Gazelles Leaping by Sudhin N Ghose

In this book animals and humans co-exist. The setting of the story is in an estate near Calcutta. There is a kindergarten there run by Sister Svenska. The adventures of people living in this estate are given.

I found the book fascinating for various reasons. In the book, it is common for children to have pets. Thus there is a child who has a monkey. Being a monkey he does his pranks. A student in this school called Soetomo has a tiger. It is common for him to go to school on it. The tiger his called his tricycle.

There is a washerwoman called Moti Didi. She calls the protagonist Little Son. The little son stays with his foster parents. The main story is about Mohan an elephant. The little son wants to make him Mohan his brother. There is a gang of thugs who wants to capture Mohan and blind him. The little son tries to save him.

 Once when the little son is alone he is beaten up by the thugs. They tell him to let them take Mohan.  He refuses. Somehow he manages to escape.

Also, children were not allowed to go inside a circus. It is not clear why this is so. Then there is a corporation from the school that wants to take over the school. In between all this, there are communal riots. Dead bodies are everywhere. Fires were everywhere. People crying. How will the little son react ?

Overall the book is written beautifully. 

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