Thursday, 3 October 2019

The Turn of The Key By Ruth Ware.

Can a normal nanny job turn into a source of concern for a person. When Rowan applies for a nanny job she is happy since it is a simple job. But four nannies had left this job. This Heatherbrae is Housefull of modern-day technology. Curtain opening and closing are with the voice. When Rowan is going after the interview Maddie one of the three girls warn her about the house.

What Rowana does not rely on is that she has walked into a nightmare. This nightmare will end with her in prison with the death of a child. In the middle of the night, lights open by themselves. She hears noises above her room when there is nothing above the room.

There is a poison garden. It seems that a girl of the former owner died here. It seems that the garden is looked after by someone.

There is handyman called Jack Grant and Dr Kenwick grant was the former owner. Rowana starts suspecting that both people were one and the same.
This is a psychology thriller. 

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