Friday, 11 October 2019

The Naughtiest Girl Again By Enid Blyton

Imagine a boarding school that has meetings so the children can decide on things that matter to them. Welcome to Whyteleafe School. Elizabeth had been naughty the last term. This term she has decided to turn over a new leaf.

There are two new students Robert and Kathleen. Both get on a wrong footing with Elizabeth. Robert is a bully and small children are scared of him. Elizabeth doesn't like this. When Robert gets all his sums wrong Elizabeth is happy.

In the school meetings, one can complain about other children. Elizabeth tells about Robert in one such meeting. But the bullied boy is afraid of Robert and does not tell the truth about what has happened. But in a fist of anger, Elizabeth had slapped Robert. Thus the meeting finds Elizabeth guilty and she is asked to apology to Robert. That makes things worse between the two.

The fights are not all that happens. Everyone who has money gives it in the meeting. Then the money is distributed between all the children. The children also learn about accepting out mistakes and owing up. When Robert accepts the wrong he has done the whole school helps him to turn over a new leaf.

Believe it or not, this school allows students to keep pets. Thus there is a mouse as a pet.Imagine what happens when this mouse escapes into the classroom.

This book will not only entertain the kids but as an adult, you will remember your school days.  

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