Friday, 25 October 2019

The Man Who Wouldn't Be God By Shashi Warrier

This book was my first book by this author. The title sounded insterting . In the first chapter of this book we find Bala Kamath an alcoholic person. He won't only lose his job an investigative journalist but is on the verge of a marriage break up. Luckily for him his job can be saved. A swami near Mangalore is alleged to have stolen money , given assply to criminals and tried to rape a devotee.

The Swami Prakash and Bala form a bond .The way swami is described I feel he believes in simple living high thinking.They talk about sciptures. Alot of philosophy is discussed between the two. Bala feels sorry for Swami once he is arrested.

Bala is the only person that Swami is willing to talk to. While talking to Swami, Bala finds a lot about himself. In trying to discover the truth about the charges that have been put on the swami he realizes his own life is in danger. While going on his scooter some van knocks him out.

The doctor at the hospital tells Bala That he would be out of action for a while. Bala is not dis courageed and tries to investigates from his hospital. Life athe ashram is also talked about since Raju Swami second in command was killed there.

I enjoyed this book. It is fast-paced and writing is simple.  

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