Friday, 18 October 2019

The India I Love By Ruskin Bond


This book is sort of his autobiography. The reason being he talks about his life. This book has been made from his dairy pages.

This book has both poems and stories about his life in India. There are stories about his childhood days. The book starts with a poem called come roaming with me.

The next story we see a girl meeting Ruskin on his daily walks. She does not come for a week. when she does she says that she been helping her mother in the field.

Ruskin is not married but stays with Prem who is married and has children. Ruskin plays with them like his own. A lot has been written about the children. He likes the weather in India having lived aboard. Ruskin was shy and hence did not form relationships with many people.

Relationship with people that Ruskin formed is given likeSudheer. He used to ask Ruskin to keep cosmic for him .

Areas around Dehradun are described in great detail. It seems Ruskin led quite an eventful life.

This book is simple and I liked it.

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