Sunday, 1 September 2019

The secret wish list by Preeti Shenoy

This book is about how sometimes our childhood doings affect our adult life. Diksha stays with her parents in Tamil Nadu. She learns classical dances that she doesn't like. Rohan her brother has the freedom to do what he likes. He invites his friends over to his house.

On One such day, Diskha friend Tanu decides to play a prank on one of  Rohan friends Ankit. Tanu writes a note and puts it in his bag. The note says that the person writing the note likes him. no one knows Tanu has written it. Ankit. thnks that it is Diksha.

Both not only start seeing each other but fall in love. This is known only to Tanu.  All three of them go to the same school. On one of the schools overnight outing trips They kiss each other. Their teacher discovers this. All this leads to Diskha being sent to an only girls school. She is married in her second year of college. She is only Niteen.

Her husband is only involved in work but also dose not treat her with respect. All this leaves Diksha frustrated. One day she visits her sister who tells her to make her secret wish list as to what she would like to do in life in life.

She writes down six things . Take a vacation alone without family. Another is have sex with a guy who is not your husband. That might sound too far fetched but that is what she wanted. The rest of the novel is about how Diskha goes about doing just that .

The book is not so great in far as the story goes. That is what is thought. Though it simple to read and understand.

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